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What is lava cake?

Lava cake is a combination of flourless chocolate cake and souffle. It is also known by the name chocolate lava Fondant pudding and chocolate lava cake. It has three basic ingredients which includes butter, sugar and chocolate. Lava cake are mostly made by melting chocolate and butter and keeping it separately and then the ingredients are mixed well and then baked. The lava cake is normally served hot to provide lava flowing effect.

Seems like too much work, right? Don’t worry, we got you covered, With London Bubble Co.’s Lava Cake baking mix, now you can make chocolate lava cake at home in 3 simple steps. All you have to do is unwrap the lava cake premix and then put it in a dry bowl, slowly add 138 GMS oil and 112 ML water, keep whisking to make the batter lump free. Now pre heat the OTG to 160 degree C and now add 20 GMS batter in aluminum foil cup, now place it in the pre heat OTG.  Bake this for 10 mins at 160 degree C and relish the hot oozing lava cake. What are you waiting for? Buy lava cake online and enjoy the tasteful range of lava cakes at the comfort of your own house. 

Our lava cake pre mix comes in two very delicious flavor’s

Chocolate lava cake pre mix:

This pre mix is filled with rich molted chocolate.  Chocolate is known for its comforting sweetness. A Sinful-Fudge Choco magma cake is a brilliant treat for your friends and family. This is a scrumptious chef’s Recipe where chocolate magma is encircled by a delectable chocolate cake.


Red Velvet Cake pre mix:

Want to impress your loved one? London bubble co.’s Red velvet lava cake will be your amigo.The perfect aroma, easy to make and oozing creamy texture makes it everyone’s favorite. The perfect red color and the mouthwatering flavorful taste makes it the number one choice of dessert for anyone.  Go to our website by clicking on the link below and buy lava cake online now.

Heath Factor:

It’s very important to be mindful of what you eat. Lava cakes normally consists of 1270 calories with nearly 72% carbohydrates, 42% fat and 3% protein. Our 1 box of lava cake pre mix consists of 371.00 KCAL energy value, 8.36 G protein and 86.00 carbohydrates and 30.80 sugar. A perfect blend of a delightful desert after a good meal. Enjoy our tasteful range of lava cake with your loved ones and share sweetness with each other. All our lava cake mix contains goodness of milk and rich Choco to give you a delightful experience with each bite.

A good dessert after your meal lowers your blood pressure. It also protects you from strokes and will keep you full and satisfy all your late-night cravings. It can also limit your sugar and fat intake. It also inspires you to be active.

We believe in providing premium and authentic dessert for you craving.

We assure you to have the best experience with London bubble co lava cake online order.

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